Is Zoom Phone The Right Move? Here Are Some Features You Might Have Missed

Is Zoom Phone The Right Move? Here Are Some Features You Might Have Missed
Over the past year, Zoom has become a part of our everyday lives and vocabulary. It is almost the go-to term for video conferencing much like Kleenex is for “tissue” or Q-tip is for, well whatever a Q-tip is! “Let’s hop on a Zoom” has replaced “let’s grab a coffee” in terms of networking.

Maybe you have noticed at the end of your most recent Zoom meeting that Zoom Phone is being advertised? Zoom has officially grown up before our very eyes, bypassing adolescence, and is now a fully mature unified communications and contact center player full of features, functions, and connectivity.

We touched on this in our annual State of UCaaS, and thought you should see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Zoom Phone Offers Flexible Functionality And Features

When it comes to flexibility, the basics of course are the desktop and mobile apps, which you can move calls between seamlessly as we prepare ourselves for the hybrid office, and that is just the beginning. Within either app, you can go from a simple phone call to a full-on Zoom Meeting with the press of a button. Something that has become a necessity as seeing is believing in today’s world, and sometimes you just need to see what the other person is talking about.

Call delegation is a feature that is becoming more prominent as admins and Office Managers can make or take calls on behalf of an executive or anyone in the office. This adds a personal touch that can reinforce the customer experience at an organization.

Zoom Phone Plays Nicely With Salesforce And Slack

Let’s face it, if your system doesn’t seamlessly integrate with Salesforce in 2021 and beyond, you are probably not going to have a long shelf life. Click to dial, screen pops and automated call activity updates are just the beginning of the integration between Zoom Phone and Salesforce. If you are not actively seeking ways to make life easier on your operations and sales team, then operational excellence will escape your organization! Make it easy on you and your team by making sure all of your systems play nice.

Slack and Zoom Phone are two kids that get along on the playground and even make room for a little fun in the workplace. You can make calls directly from the Slack interface and have that call logged in Salesforce with the appropriate record. It really is a beautiful world we live in with APIs saving us all time, money, and a piece of mind as we seek to achieve perfect harmony in the communications world!

Zoom Phone Imitates George Michael With Their Careless Whisper Feature & More

OK, so they didn’t name it “Careless Whisper” however our marketing team thinks it would have been a lot cooler if they did. This feature allows someone monitoring to give coaching or advice while they are listening to the call. The Barge feature allows a supervisor or mentor to enter the call and Barge in or use the Takeover feature to take control of the call.

Call Park allows the call to be placed in wait for another Zoom Phone endpoint to take the call, or the Shared line feature enables the call to be placed for a supervisor or manager to retrieve. One of the many features in Zoom Phone that is great for the contact center is the Presence function. We have all been on the receiving end of a blind transfer that goes to voicemail or worse. Knowing who is available, and being able to introduce the call is a must for a great customer experience, this feature enhances the experience.

Bring Your Own Carrier, Follow The Sun Call Routing & More With Zoom Phone

Power the Zoom Phone cloud PBX service by redirecting existing voice circuits/trunks to the Zoom Phone cloud. This is an easy setup and can be done quickly and remotely. We have come a long way with PBX service and Zoom Phone delivers in making this easy for all parties especially your business.

As the sun sets, so does your agent’s availability, and programming the calls to be routed from coast to coast, or globally, is easily done through the admin console with Zoom Phone. The sun never sets on great service and having a live person to speak with, and you can ensure your customer experience never suffers from the call routing capabilities available to you with Zoom.

Zoom Phone Offers Contact Center Integration With Genesys, Twilio, Five9, And More

You may have heard that the overlap between unified communications and the contact center is growing, and you have heard right. Now, there are integration options available with most of the industry leaders.

Five9, for example, offers scheduling efficiencies with their workforce optimization and so much more. Zoom knew what they were doing in choosing their partnerships for the contact center as we hold these two partners in high regard at Inflow. Both companies have a focus on the user and customer experience, making life better for agents, customers, administrators, and anyone involved.

Seeing Is Believing With Zoom Phone

When it comes to any unified communications or contact center experience it is great to have options, and we know that better than anyone here at Inflow! We have one goal in mind, to understand your business needs and customize a solution that makes sense for you. That may include Zoom Phone, Twilio, Genesys, or a combination of several solutions. Either way, we make it easy for you, schedule a time today to get started and transform the way your business communicates!