Knowledge Management Can Elevate the Experience in Your Contact Center  

Knowledge Management Can Elevate the Experience in Your Contact Center  

Experience matters in all industries. The more tenure the better prepared you are to handle even the most complex of issues. While little can replace experience, you can better distribute and utilize that knowledge in the contact center. Take some of the best-handled calls for some of your more difficult conversations and use those templates for other agents to follow.  

Knowledge Management helps fill in the knowledge gaps, accelerate learning, and level up the customer experience in your contact center. Everyone can benefit from a well-implemented knowledge management solution from new agents to quality assurance. It is an arrow you can put in everyone’s quiver that enables adherence and consistency.  

There are many reasons to deploy knowledge management in your contact center. Here we cover a few of the many benefits our customers have experienced because of KM in their contact center.  

Knowledge Management Keeps Responses Consistent  

Think about the number of judgment calls or times when an agent had to make a concession because it was more effective to make a concession than find the right answer or seek the appropriate approval. If a call is handled correctly once or twice then that call can be indexed and made available to all agents.  

A decade ago, to get the right answer meant possibly placing the customer on hold while seeking a supervisor or tenured agent to get the answer. Now, through AI-assisted knowledge management, each live interaction can be guided by past conversations and place information or scripting on the screen.  

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Goes Hand in Hand with Knowledge Management 

Having consistent answers can improve CSAT in the contact center. Couple this with reduced AHT and hold times customers will notice the difference when interacting with your organization.  

Having a consistent customer experience in the contact center is not doing one thing right. Customer experience stems from doing a lot of the little things correctly and consistently. KM helps with a lot of those little things. It is the best of quality assurance, mentors, and supervisors to guide your agents.  

Knowledge Management Brings Continuity Amongst All Agents  

If you have agents in different geographical locations, working from home and the office, or any combination of a hybrid workforce then you understand the challenges that stem from the difference in the location of agents. A good knowledge management solution brings continuity among your agents regardless of geography.  

Agents in Costa Rica can learn from a call just moments ago in Canada, or Denver. Geography is no longer an obstacle to sharing best practices and best contacts amongst one another at scale. Locations can benefit from another location’s agents; it truly can be a global culture and continuity in your company.  

Help Your Customers Help Themselves  

A good knowledge management solution can enhance your self-service options and deflect calls or service tickets in real time. Customers want answers, not articles, so use your collective knowledge and give them answers.  

You can customize your knowledge to the customers’ native language with some solutions. Empowering your team through questions that both agents and self-service have answered is true agent enablement. Agents and customers don’t want to spend minutes looking for the right answer to their questions, knowledge management delivers.  

Regardless Of Industry, InflowCX Can Elevate Your Contact Center  

From energy companies to healthcare, financial, and more, we have helped contact centers harness their own knowledge to deliver a better customer and agent experience. If you are wondering how you can save time and money, and decrease AHT, our contact center consulting team can help. Contact us today to put your hard-earned knowledge to work for you!