Zoom & Genesys, A Partnership Dedicated To Customer Experience

Zoom & Genesys, A Partnership Dedicated To Customer Experience

What happens when two leaders like Zoom Phone and Genesys Cloud CX form a partnership with customer experience being their goal? A feature-rich cloud contact center and unified communications solution that is the catalyst for collaboration.

InflowCX played a pivotal role in the recently announced partnership and helped our customers realize how this can best be deployed. Combining Zoom Phone and Genesys Cloud together provides a much-needed catalyst for organizations to accelerate their UCaaS and CCaaS transformation. 

Collaboration Is Elevated With Zoom Phone And Genesys 

InflowCX recently deployed this solution for two organizations. The first is a pediatric healthcare provider and the second is an auto insurance company. The goal was the same: make it easier for employees to collaborate on behalf of the patient or customer.

If the contact was in person, via phone call, SMS, or another digital channel the information passed through with ease. However, a customer defines their best method of communication, Zoom Phone, and Genesys’ partnership enhances the customer experience in the contact center. 

A Great Customer Experience Begins With A Great Agent Experience In The Contact Center

InflowCX Chief Revenue Officer Mike Dolloff said, “Today, businesses don’t want to deal with clunky and frustrating workflows just to move customer interactions between technology stacks. By working together, Zoom and Genesys are solving a huge hurdle for many of our clients, bridging communications across entire organizations and improving employee and customer experience.”

“Across industries and regardless of company size, we’re consistently hearing from businesses that presence and directory availability between Zoom Phone and Genesys Cloud is critical to empowering employees to get a customer to the right resource in real-time.”

Accelerating The Partnership Between Zoom Phone And Genesys Cloud 

With both companies now well-positioned to accelerate the penetration of Zoom Phone into Genesys’ customer base, it is an exciting time ahead. We have reached a point where every employee serves the customer either directly or indirectly. 

Having the combined power to have the information at your fingertips in real-time is the beginning of something special when it comes to reaching true Unified Communications and a heightened Customer Experience in the Contact Center. Zoom Phone, InflowCX, and Genesys Cloud are leading the way. If you are wondering how your business can harness the power of Zoom Phone and Genesys Cloud let’s set up a time to speak! Our team was chosen for this partnership for a reason, Customer Experience is in our DNA.  Set up a time to speak with us about putting the power of Zoom, Genesys & InflowCX to work for you!