Regain Your Business Focus with CX Managed Services 

Regain Your Business Focus with CX Managed Services 

Did you work your entire career to help with technological onboarding, or are you ready to get back to creating and executing strategies to move your organization forward? With all of the changes, innovation, and technological advancements that have occurred for contact centers over the past five years it can feel overwhelming to keep pace with what is occurring let alone strategically implementing those advancements.  

For many in the contact center space, it is hard to work on key initiatives because they are consumed with day-to-day challenges like staffing, workforce management, C-SAT, and AHT. The list of demands will always be there for those in leadership positions.  

You Don’t Need Another Vendor, You Need a Partner 

If you have spent the last few years in IT, it can feel as though you are a firefighter and not the strategic thought leader others see you as. So how can you get back to working on strategy, innovation, and delivering on your goals both within the team and the organization? One word: Partnership.  

You have reached a point where you need help, you need help to alleviate the day-to-day problems that arise from technology within a contact center. You deserve a partner who can take care of the technological onboarding for new users and handle the MACDs all while keeping up with new features and functionality as they arise.  

We understand the challenges of the contact center because we come from the contact center. The majority of our team comes from contact center positions and knows the importance of what you do day in and day out. From that experience, we have created Managed Services Packages that deliver what you need to be able to get back to doing what you do best.  

Macro Experience with Micro-Level Dedication 

The flexibility of InflowCX is always on display as we have worked with thousands of customers from mid-market to enterprise. From healthcare to finance we take the time to understand your business first so we can ensure you keep running with few interruptions to what is important, your business.  

Tailored Platform-Specific Managed Services 

There are a variety of platforms to choose from when it comes to CCaaS. We work with the leading providers and have earned some pretty lofty praise from them for our dedication and innovation with their solutions. 

We have tailored and customized packages to ensure that your agents and contact center are functioning with little downtime. Time truly is money, and we understand that. We know the importance of every agent and that every contact point is important.   

Genesys Cloud CX Managed Services 

Crafting Seamless Omnichannel Experiences: Genesys Cloud CX Managed Services are integral in delivering consistent, omnichannel customer interactions, a critical component of modern customer service. These services, tailored across various tiers, offer incremental benefits ranging from technical onboarding to dedicated support, ensuring that each business’s unique needs are met. 

Five9 Managed Services 

Adaptable and Scalable Business Solutions: Five9 Managed Services are designed for businesses seeking agility and scalability. These services, available across several tiers, cater to a wide range of business needs, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing business environments without the burden of managing complex infrastructure. 

NICE CXone Managed Services 

Empowering Businesses with Advanced Customer Engagement Tools: NICE CXone’s Managed Services encompass a broad spectrum of features that include contact center automation, advanced analytics, and cloud-based services. This comprehensive suite ensures that businesses remain at the forefront of customer relations, delivering competitive and efficient customer support. 

Zoom Managed Services 

Innovating Customer Interaction Platforms: Globally acclaimed for its intuitive customer interface platforms, Zoom’s managed services offer a range of benefits including reduced IT costs, increased productivity, improved security, and a strong return on investment. Services like Zoom One and Zoom Contact Center provide various features catering to diverse organizational needs. 

RingCentral Managed Services 

Scalable Solutions for Dynamic Business Growth: RingCentral’s managed services are ideal for businesses in growth phases, offering scalable solutions backed by round-the-clock support. The premium service features range from comprehensive technical support to advanced performance analysis, ensuring that businesses have the support they need as they grow. 

Mitel Managed Services 

Simplifying and Enhancing Communication Infrastructures: Mitel Managed Services are designed to streamline and enhance communication infrastructures. These services, encompassing cloud-based call routing and mobile device management, are available in various tiers, offering consistent support and advanced analytics for performance tracking. 

Maximizing Operational Efficiency in The Contact Center 

When your operations are under control your IT team can focus on moving the business forward, outsmarting the competition, and using technology to win more business. This shift enables businesses to innovate and grow, enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving sustainable growth. 

Future-Proofing Contact Centers with InflowCX 

In the continually evolving contact center industry, staying ahead of technological and market trends is crucial. InflowCX plays a pivotal role in future-proofing businesses by implementing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, ensuring that businesses are not just surviving but thriving. 

Professional Services at Your Request 

With the pace of innovation in the contact center, we know that projects and engineering is in high demand. Instead of allocating valuable resources of your own to those projects, we offer a discount on professional services with our premium and elite packages. You can scale and take on objectives without missing opportunities when you partner with InflowCX.  

Getting Started with The Transformative Power of InflowCX Managed Services 

InflowCX’s Managed Services represent more than just a service offering; they signify a shift in the management and growth of contact centers. For businesses aiming to excel in customer experience and operational efficiency, partnering with InflowCX is a strategic and forward-thinking decision. 

Ready to get started? Want to learn how we can help your organization? Contact our team today to see how you can get back to working on the business!