The Latest AI Updates from Our CX Partners

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How will AI affect (insert industry name here) has been the theme for the first half of 2023, and the customer experience industry is no exception. We are in an ecosystem that has been innovating with automation consistently for the past several years and leveraging AI to help elevate the customer experience.  

We decided to compile a quick article about what our partners have been up to when it comes to transforming the contact center experience for agents, customers, leaders, and partners in our world.  

AgentGPT From Level AI Is Impressive 

AgentGPT, developed by Level AI, is an advanced conversational AI platform that offers significant customization options, catering to the unique needs of various organizations.  

The platform’s customization capabilities allow businesses to mold AgentGPT into a virtual agent that aligns with their brand identity, tone, and specific workflows.  

The virtual agent can be trained to handle a wide range of inquiries, from basic support queries to complex troubleshooting scenarios. Some of the many ways organizations can utilize AgentGPT once the initial training is complete:  

  • Supplement or replace knowledge management as AgentGPT will inherit that knowledge 
  • Automate & answer 40-50% of calls that come in 
  • Handle a high volume of inquiries quickly and accurately 
  • Consistent and personalized experience   
  • Real-time scripting to complex customer questions  

The customization process involves training AgentGPT with the organization’s specific knowledge base, ensuring that it possesses accurate and up-to-date information to assist customers effectively. Furthermore, organizations can customize the conversational style and tone of AgentGPT to create a consistent and personalized experience for customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The benefits of implementing AgentGPT in a contact center are plentiful. Firstly, the virtual agent can handle a high volume of inquiries simultaneously, reducing wait times for customers and increasing overall efficiency. Additionally, AgentGPT’s ability to learn and adapt over time enables continuous improvement in its performance, resulting in faster and more accurate responses to customer queries.  

Moreover, by automating routine and repetitive tasks, AgentGPT frees up human agents to focus on complex and specialized customer interactions, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction. Overall, the customization and deployment of AgentGPT in contact centers offer organizations a powerful tool to enhance customer service operations, drive customer loyalty, and achieve operational excellence. 

Genesys Leads from The Front with AI  

When it comes to trailblazers in the contact center, Genesys has been innovating for decades and continues to invest in AI. Their efforts have already produced several innovations such as virtual agents, chatbots, and predictive routing.  

Genesys is starting to differentiate itself in a few different areas that help operational efficiency and agent productivity.  

  • Genesys Cloud Speech Analytics: This solution uses AI to analyze customer interactions and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Genesys Workforce Insights: This solution uses AI to optimize agent scheduling and routing. 
  • Genesys Customer Journey Analytics: This solution uses AI to track customer journeys and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience. 

Genesys has proven over several decades now, that they are committed to improving the customer journey through agent experience and maximizing efficiency from an operational perspective.  

With Observe AI, Their Name Speaks for Themselves 

Observe has been helping organizations improve their performance and leverages a variety of technologies to provide contact centers with a detailed comprehensive view of their customer interactions. Utilizing both historic and real-time conversations to provide insights and identify opportunities that go unseen.  

While every company is dropping something about AI, here are some specific examples of how Observe AI is walking the walk: 

  • Real-Time AI:’s Real-Time AI uses AI to provide agents with real-time insights into customer interactions. This information can help agents to identify and address customer issues more quickly. 
  • Post-Interaction AI:’s Post-Interaction AI uses AI to analyze customer interactions after the call has ended. This information can be used to identify improvement areas and provide agents with feedback. 
  • Automated Actions: Observe AI’s Automated Actions use AI to automate call transcription, sentiment analysis, and case management tasks. This can free up agents to focus on providing better customer service. is a powerful tool that can help contact centers improve their performance. By leveraging AI, can help contact centers identify customer pain points, improve agent performance, automate tasks, and gain insights into customer journeys. 

Five9 Continues to Evolve AI For The Agent 

One of Five9’s most popular AI-powered solutions is Agent Assist. Agent Assist uses machine learning to provide agents with real-time insights into customer interactions to provide better service. For example, Agent Assist can help agents identify the customer’s intent, suggest relevant knowledge articles, and even pre-fill forms. 

Here are some specific examples of how Five9 is using AI in the contact center: 

  • Agent Assist: Agent Assist uses machine learning to provide agents with real-time insights into customer interactions to provide better service. For example, Agent Assist can help agents identify the customer’s intent, suggest relevant knowledge articles, and even pre-fill forms. 
  • Virtual Agent: Five9’s Virtual Agent can answer customer questions, resolve simple issues, and even transfer calls to the appropriate agent. 
  • Predictive Routing: Predictive Routing uses machine learning to route calls to the most appropriate agent based on the customer’s needs. This can help to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment Analysis uses machine learning to analyze customer sentiment during calls. This can help agents to identify and address customer issues more quickly. 

Every Contact Center Can Benefit from AI In a Different Way 

When it comes to AI, you have probably heard a few hundred times “You need AI in your contact center”. While that is true, it is also not that simple. AI is certainly not a free tool; it is not just being given away to all to use for free. So being fiscally responsible is always a top priority. 

What makes sense for your organization? That is a question better answered by humans, especially the humans on our team here at InflowCX who have a passion for helping you build a strategy and find products that work for you! Contact us today to take the first step toward your AI roadmap.